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originar azerbaijan


Our fridge storages allows to keep pomegranates fresh and a long life quality product till end of February each season, which allows us deliver quality product to anywhere around the world till the very last harvesting period, we guarantee to provide high quality, fresh fruit for your family, with the convenience of delivery straight to your house. Latest nano technologies packing XTend MA/MH packaging cellophanes for long lasting fruit freshness and long distance transportation in Refrigerator Semi-Trailer Truck

originar azerbaijan
originar azerbaijan

Type of Boxes : carton or plastic
Package Size : 60x40x11
Calibers: ave.200-350gm
Quantity: 25-35 pcs Package Weight up to 10 kg

Type of Boxes: Carton Package
Size: 30x40x14
Calibers: ave. 350+ gm
Quantity: up to 12 pcs
Package Weight up to 5 kg

originar azerbaijan