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Everybody knows that most fruits and vegetables must be cooled immediately after harvest for preserve the quality and marketability of the product. Therefore, fruits are undergone shock cooling in special chambers before loading them into the cold storage. Sandwich panels of European production were used during construction of the high-quality refrigerators. At the moment the capacity is 500 tons, in the near future we increasing to 3500 tons capacity of new refrigerator using the newest system for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables- ULO.

Technical equipment and storage

Minimum annual crop around 10 to 12 thousand tones, we are using latest technologies such as SAME and Frumaco agriculture machinery, as well as innovative drip irrigation system which fully computerized. MAF RODA agriculture leader equipment used for sorting pomegranates for weight and calibers, which allows to separate fruits by size and weight. Our fridge storages allows to keep pomegranates fresh and long life quality product till end of February each season, which allows us deliver quality product to anywhere around the world till the very last harvesting period, we guarantee to provide high quality, fresh fruit for your family, with the convenience of delivery straight to your house.


One of the important conditions in the cultivation of pomegranate is the correct watering. The correct watering ensures not only high-yielding, but also the quality of the fruit. Israeli experts reached significant progress in this area. The drip irrigation system of Israeli company NaanDanJain was held in our garden. We achieved good results using high-quality tubes, capillaries and pumping equipment. Our specialists can adjust watering the garden from anywhere in the world on-line using the technique of another Israeli firm Talgil. We built 2 reservoirs of 4000 cubic meters for each and 2 reservoirs of 200 cubic meters for uninterrupted water supply area. Configuration of pools allows natural filtration of water before entering it into the pumping station. Volume of the pools guarantees us 10-day supply of water for drip irrigation.